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Potable water supply

The wharf has a distribution provision system to supply ships which allows to provide between 25 and 30/m3 per entrance approximately, by means of a pressurize pump. The main piping is made of 4’’ diameter plastic and it has derivations to several tubes connected to 3’’ galvanized steel pipes and to 2 ½’’ bronze pipes. The plumbing also has a 500m3 capacity cistern, located in the pier entrance.

Water is provided to the Port Administration by the Public Services Cooperative of the city (SERVICOOP) on a continuously basis, with an approximately flow of 3500/4000 m3/month that covers what the current requirements need. All entrances of provision have flowmeters; 3 of the are located on the south side of the pier, and other 3 on the north.

In the area destined to sport embarkations, there are four other entrances: two in the south side, and two in the north.

Energy supply

All of the places have 380/220 v EMF outlets.

Power generator

The Port Administration has, in case of emergencies, a 380 V/220V. 50 Hz diesel portable generator of 450 Kva power.


The pier is lighted by 25 columns which are supplied with 250 w sodium gas units. The place where cruises dock has two 25mts high towers with 4 mercury gas devices of 2000w each.

The place destined to sport embarkations has 2 lighting towers each of them are supplied by 1 device of 2000w and 2 devices of 400w.

Every device has photoelectric cells that allow them to switch on automatically.

Domestic transport services

On days when cruises arrive, the wharf offers to passengers and crew a free shuttle bus service from inside the wharf to its entrance. It works steadily since docking up to departure.

Medical emergencies service

During the first two hours after the cruises dock, there is an ambulance equipped for emergencies, driven by a chauffeur and an allied health employee. For the rest of the hours the cruise stays, there is a protected area service which guarantees a primary assistance, in a lapse no longer than 5’, and consequence referral to a medical center if needed. This service is available for every person that stands within Piedra Buena Wharf facilities.

Fire protection system

The wharf has fire protection systems that use sea water. This is propelled by an electric water-resistance pump, FLYGHT type, that generates work pressure of about 6 Kg/cm2 and about de 90 m3/hour flow.

The systems cover from cruises docking wharf to the place destined to sport embarkations. They have 2,1/2” exits and are located as follows: two in the north docking area, two in the south docking area, two others are destined for the Argentinean Navy, and two on each side of the sport embarkations are.

Third party services

Fuel supply

The service is provided by private enterprises, that represent the main national oil companies, by means of tunk tracks.

Supplies provision

There are private companies in Puerto Madryn that are able to supply several goods a ship may need completely, and they have enought stock to satisfy every demand.

Naval repair garages

There is varety of garages that are able to carry out works on carpentry, not only wood but also metallurgical, boiler works, electronics, electricity, hydraulic works, pneumatic works, heavy mechanics works, welding, etc.

Rescue and diving

Local enterprises are trained and equipped to perform subaquatic tasks.

Pilotage and support maneuvering boats

Two local companies provide pilotage service; they employ ten certified pilots to carry our moor works. Both companies also have boats used to support ships docking proceedings.

Other services

  • Customs Brokers

  • Maritime Agencies

  • Mooring Service

  • Solid and liquid waste collection

  • People transfer

  • Fire precaution

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