El Doradillo NPA (Natural Protected Area)

Madryn: where nature is very close to you

A unique place with an outstanding view, where whales can be watched from June to October just a few metres far from the shore. The best beach to enjoy them is Las Canteras, located  19km away from the city


Natural Protected Area El Doradillo

Natural Protected Area El Doradillo was created in 2001 by the Puerto Madryn Council, has an Environmental Management Plan and a group of local rangers working effectively.

In order to reach El Doradillo, it is necessary to drive north along provincial highway number 42. It is a 25km long coastal line from Punta Arco to Cerro Prismático and that comprises 7500 hectares.

It provides no services. However, there are authorized devices open doors to light bonfires or cook, using purchased firewood or charcoal since the use of autochthonous wood is forbidden.

In Las Canteras beach and Punta Dorado viewpoint, there are accessible walkaways from where you may see Patagonian steppe marine and land biodiversity.

Since this is a very sensitive place, it depends on visitors to care for it. Please pay attention to the signs and to the recommendations of the rangers.

During whales season water activities are forbidden; they are only allowed in summer. Remember these beaches do not have lifeguards.

On days of heavy rain, the entrance road gets difficult to travel. We recommend to check forecast weather if you are planning a visit.

Bring back with you litters and rubbish of any kind.

Southern Right Whale

The main attraction is Southern Right Whales (Eubalaena australis) watching from the shore. These specimens congregate there every year from June to October to mate and suckle their calves. The features of the shore turns the watching more attractive and successful since it’s possible to see these giant cetaceous just a few metres away from the beach. Consider the time of high tide; you may check them at our Tourist Office.

Fauna and recreational activities

Autochthonous fauna is present through guanacos, maras, foxes, armadillo and other endemic specimens of this desert.

The features of the area allow the development of other recreational activities, in addition to those of shore environments (sun, beach, trekking, and mountain bike) such as photography and birdwatching.

Tips for visiting this place

Chose access roads with signposts
Take your litter out with you
Prevent fires. Light fires only in allowed sites.
During whales’ season, it is not allowed to practise nautical activities.
Do not hunt.
Do not travel along the beach with your vehicle.
Do not extract sediments.
It is allowed to fish from the shore.
Care for area signs.
When in doubt, ask rangers.
Remember pets are not allowed.
Please, do not feed wild fauna.
It is prohibited to light fires.
Care for the vegetation.
Accessible viewpoint.
In order to enjoy tours in these protected areas, hire qualified touristic services since they meet current regulations, have specific knowledge of the area, employ specialized guides, and also provide the opportunity of having a safe memorable experience. See agencies

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