Punta Loma NPA (Natural Protected Area)

A unique view to enjoy all year long

Punta Loma has a magnificent view to watch sea lions and birds from a cliff all year long.


One of the pioneering reserves

This area was created on September, 29th, 1967 by means of Provincial Act 697, and it is one of the first fauna reserves of the conservation system of Chubut province.

It aimed to preserve and protect nature in every single aspect and autochthonous manifestations, and to foster environmental conscious of its visitors.


If you travel southeast along Boulevard Almirante Brown, you’ll cross the university to see on your right side the rubble entrance to the sea lions colony.

The access to it is 14 km away from the first stop where you have to pay the entrance fee. In the reserve there is a viewpoint fixed in a ravine that allows you to see Nuevo Gulf and the colony of one-hair sea lions (Otaria flavescens) as well as the colony of cormorants.


The place has a trail where you may see and interpret typical flora from the region. It is important to mention this reserve is allowed for visits all year long considering the times of low tide. 3km south along the same gravel road, you’ll reach Cerro Avanzado beach, whose name was given because of the features of the place, slopes of sedimentary origin that date millions of years  and keep among their strata oysters and marine vertebrates fossil remains.


Coming back to Puerto Madryn along the same road, it is possible to stop at several beaches the gulf offers: Playa del Pozo, Playa Paraná, Punta Este and Playa Káiser. This tour is ideal for those who enjoy riding mountain bikes.

Tips for visiting this place

Chose access roads with signposts
Take your litter out with you
Prevent fires. Light fires only in allowed sites.
During whales’ season, it is not allowed to practise nautical activities.
Do not hunt.
Do not travel along the beach with your vehicle.
Do not extract sediments.
It is allowed to fish from the shore.
Care for area signs.
When in doubt, ask rangers.
Remember pets are not allowed.
Please, do not feed wild fauna.
It is prohibited to light fires.
Care for the vegetation.
Accessible viewpoint.
In order to enjoy tours in these protected areas, hire qualified touristic services since they meet current regulations, have specific knowledge of the area, employ specialized guides, and also provide the opportunity of having a safe memorable experience. See agencies

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