Punta Norte

Feel the strength of nature

A place where different specimens meet to offer a unique spectacle for visitors.


An important colony of elephant seals and sea lions

In Punta Norte you’ll be able to see elephant seals and sea lions all year long, and mostly between December and April since those months they are in mating season, reason why it is also possible to watch the great spectacle orcas offer when they reach the shore looking for food

Tourist information

In this place there is also an interpretation centre and walkways with informative signs in all the allowed areas that will lead you during your visit.

Other specimens

In the surrounding areas, visitors may watch endemic fauna to the Patagonian steppe. Among them, elegant crested tinamous, guanacos, choiques, sea and land birds that nest in the area, as well as lizards, Patagonian lanceheads and mammals such as armadillos, Patagonian guinea pigs, haig’s tuco-tucos, Pampa cats, Geoffroy’s cat, grey fox and maras.

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