Low valley of Chubut River

The journey goes on in the surrounding areas of Madryn

From the shore to the plateau, the prehistory, life of Welsh colons and nature are blended in this tour along the Low Valley of Chubut River.



67km away from Puerto Madryn, along national highway number 3, Trelew city is located. Its first point of interest is “Museo Paleontológico Egidio Feruglio” MEF (Palaeontology Museum Egidio Feruglio), one of the most important museums in South America that let us know dinosaurs that lived in our land 65 million years ago.

In order to finish this meeting with prehistory, you may visit “Parque Paleontológico Bryn Gwyn” (Palaentology Park Bryn Gwyn) where there are fossil discoveries of Patagonia dated 40 million years ago. The Historic Museum “Pueblo de Luis” is another remarkable place to visit.

Rawson/Playa Unión

If you drive along provincial highway number 25 to the shore, you’ll reach Rawson city (capital city of Chubut Province). Among its touristic points, there are public buildings and museums, such as: “Museo Histórico de Rawson” (Rawson Historic Museum), “Aquavida Centro de Interpretación” (Interpretation Centre Aquavida) and “Museo de la Memoria”. Along the same highway, you’ll reach a seaside city called Playa Unión. This beach is known by its wild beauty and its powerful waves, what make a perfect place for adventure activities. The estuary of Chubut River is located in the Port of Rawson, in Playa Unión, a beach to visit, enjoy and watch two-toned Commerson’s Dolphins.


15 km driving to the west you’ll reach Gaiman, and old Welsh town that keeps antique buildings such as houses and Welsh chapels, and the tradition of the Welsh Tea Ceremony. There are interesting places to visit there, for instance: “Museo Regional Galés” (Regional Welsh Museum), “Museo Casa del Poeta” (Poet’s house Museum), and “Primera Casa de Gaiman” (First house in Gaiman).

Ameghino Dyke

100 km driving on the same direction, you’ll reach Dique Ameghino (Ameghino Dyke), also known as the Patagonian oasis because of its vegetation. In this seaside village it is possible to camp and carry out adventure activities.

Petrified Forest Florentino Ameguino

An interesting choice to visit where visitors will see petrified logs that used to be part of a large forest of lauraceae and fagaceae that existed 60 million years ago. This forest was located to the west of Ameghino Dyke. Its logs were moved by the rivers to the shores of that time. Logs invite to take a tour along a 1.400 metres explanatory walkway that lasts about 90 minutes. It is possible to see the place where the logs are used to be a beach due to the fossil remains such as shark teeth, sea urchins, waves in the rocks and footprints of extinguished marine fauna.

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