Walking among penguins is one of the most chosen excursions by nature lovers.

Continental colonies of Magalleanic penguins in Península Valdes and Punta Tombo are the biggest in the whole world.

Natural Protected Area

Punta Tombo is the largest continental reserve of Magellanic Penguins (Spheniscus magellanicus) and it has a population of over 400.000 adult specimens. This area was created to be conserved and to ensure benefits for current and future generations.

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Peninsula Valdés NPA

Península Valdés houses nowadays the largest reproductive colony of Magalleanic Penguins in the world.

This may be possible due to the sustained number of reproductive males that have been to the colony in the last 10 years. Males feed on anchovies, an abundant and predictable resource in space and time.

Nests are found on the shores of San Matías Gulf from San Lorenzo Country House to Punta Norte, as well as all along Caleta Valdés shore and islands.

Going along Península Valdés, from centre to north, we may find penguins in Punta Cantor, where there is a public viewer with an outstanding view point with and exceptional sight of Caleta Valdés. Then, along the road that is bordered the shore, we’ll reach Punta Norte, a place where the higher number of Magalleanic Penguins is concentrated. We may access the fastest growing continental colony in the last years through San Lorenzo Country House.

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Penguins in the Gulf entrance – Punta Ninfas

We also may watch penguins in the entrance of the Nuevo Gulf. A small ongoing growth colony is located there. It is the closest to the city, situated just 70 km away from Madryn, and within El Pedral Country House.

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San Lorenzo Country House

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Punta Tombo NPA (Natural Protected Area)

Walking among penguins makes Punta Tombo the most chosen excursion by nature lovers.

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