PNA El Doradillo

Whales congregate to breed and nurse their young just 15 kilometers from the city. Along the 25 kilometers of coastline located between Punta Arco and Cerro Prismático, you can meet these imposing cetaceans just a few steps away.

You are not the only one who comes to Puerto Madryn looking for fun. From the main avenues of the city and its 3 kilometers of coastline, you can see whales playing near the beaches.

Embarked sighting

The on-board sightings can only be done in Pyramids Port, where there are 6 companies that officially carry out this activity. Puerto Piramides is located 100 km from Puerto Madryn, by asphalt road. The boats have a capacity between 20 and 70 passengers, they set sail daily. The excursions have an average duration of 1 hour and a half. 

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