Puerto Madryn is the gateway to enchanting Argentine Patagonia.
Located in South America, in the Northeastern corner of the province of Chubut, just around the corner from the Peninsula Valdés, the town of Puerto Madryn offers all that is required for a formidable vacation.
Throughout the year visitors can enjoy different outdoor recreational activities in land and water: snorkeling with sea lions, kayak trips, stand up paddling, windsurf, mountain bike, trekking and one of the most amazing wildlife experiences especially this time of year, which is to see whales in the wild!
Every May, Southern Right Whales arrive in the Gulf of Nuevo to mate, give birth and raise their calves. Their mating ritual is quite spectacular! The whales linger in the area till late November, when they undertake their migration journey to subantarctic waters.
This nature show can be observed simply off the coast of Puerto Madryn; also in the Protected Area El Doradillo (just 15 km/9 miles from central Puerto Madryn), where you can see the whales swimming few feet off the shore as you walk along the beach.
And then, there is the whale-watching boat tours in Puerto Pirámides located 96 km/60 miles from Puerto Madryn.
All three experiences are unforgettable and suitable for all ages. Very important, our destination and services are accessible to people with disabilities.Snorkeling or diving with sea lions is a one-time-experience! Puerto Madryn is leader in underwater activities. This programme is not to be missed! It is offered all year round in a natural environment close to protected wildlife areas, where the animals are friendly and confident. Enjoy this experience by the hand of professional instructors who guarantee an unforgettable and safe adventure. Suitable for people 8 years old and over. Swimming skills are not required.There are many other options to complete the “Puerto Madryn Experience”: kayak trips, mountainbike tours in the steppe, or trekking tours by the sea.
Our climate features are perfect for windsurf and kitesurf lovers. Not too far from town, you can find fine waves to surf too.

Adventure awaits in this nature paradise!