In summertime, dolphins get closed to the shore of Nuevo Gulf, and there‘re several boats that allow us to enter in their natural habitat to watch them very near.
Elephant seals are the biggest sea animals that come out to the shore in order to mate and breed there.
Guanacos (Lama guanicoe) are members of the biological family Camelidae. They humbly bear the title of biggest land vertebrates in Patagonia.
One of the most spectacular natural phenomena, that congregates photographers, documentary makers, scientists and tourist all over the world, and lets everybody gobsmacked.
These specimens can be found in Playa Unión (Unión Beach), a beach club located just some kilometres away from Puerto Madryn.
The Patagonian shore has many penguins colonies all over its territory. They vary in number and species of penguins.
There’re sea lions colonies in several parts of the region, where we can watch these interesting mammals. Besides, there’s also the chance to hire an excursion to swim metres away from the shore and next to the cubs.
Southern Right Whales, which are considered Natural Monuments, congregate in this region for mating season from June to December. It is possible to watch them meters away from the shore o to sail in the waters where they live.